Our wishlist

The subscription fee that each member pays is not sufficient to cover the investment that we need to make in order to replace old worn out equipment.  There are also additional items of equipment that we would like, to deliver activities that otherwise could not.  This list outlines everything that we are currently fundraising for or items that we are seeking to be donated.  

  • 4 Bell Tents £600 x 4

    Some of our older tents are past their best and damaged. We need to replace them so we can host camps with larger numbers.

  • 1 Kitchen Tent £1050

    Currently our kitchen tent is an old ex-army one that has served the group for over 20 years. It now needs replacing due to plenty of wear and tear!

  • Wall-Mounted Lockable Display Cabinet ~£250

    We currently don’t have enough room for our trophies which means any trophies we win need to be shut away in storage.

  • 4 Toilet Tents £70 x 4

    Many of these are over 10 years old. We also need more to be able to hold larger camps.

  • Water Boiler £200

    Essential for catering on camps (particularly in the winter) for hot drinks and cooking.

  • Portable PA Speaker System £200

    For running activities that involve sound e.g. games with music, announcements at large events, etc.

  • GoPro Camera £200

    For the members to capture and share the memories of some of our more adventurous activities and for Photographer badges.

  • Large Climbing/Scramble Net £150

    For making outdoor assault courses.

  • Gas Ring Burner £130

    Needed to keep hungry mouths fed. Currently, we have insufficient for larger cooking activities.

  • 5 'Expedition' Compasses £20 x 5

    We get a lot of use out of compasses. Over the years they get damaged & lost. We need new, quality expedition compasses for adventurous activities.

  • 4 Wind Breaks £25 x 4

    Used in many events to protect and divide up areas.

  • Prize Wheel £100

    Like a wheel of fortune that can be written on with whiteboard pens. To be used for games, activities and fundraising.

  • Scythe £90

    Needed for clearing overgrown areas on campsite and for conservation work.

  • 4 Tarpaulins £20 x 4

    Required for lots of uses e.g. making survival shelters, protecting kit on damp ground, etc.

  • Sturdy All-Weather Folding Table £70

    Needed for activities, eating and serving from.

  • 2 Toilets £30 x 2

    To accompany the toilet tents (above).

  • Blister Treatments £20

    An essential consumable necessary for hiking and expeditions.

  • Rehydration Treatments £20

    An essential consumable necessary for adventurous activities and when the weather is very hot.

  • Used Hiking Boots £0 (Donate)

    Our young members are always growing out of their boots. As fairly expensive items, it makes sense that we have a stock of second hand ones.

How can I help?

If you can help donate an item, fundraise or would like to join our Committee, please contact us.

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