Gorsemoor Scouts – Take on the challenge

What makes Gorsemoor Scouts great?

There is so much more to being a Scouts than wearing a uniform!  At Longham we get up to amazing adventures and challenges.


Extreme activities

Scout adventurous activities take things to a new level (often literally!). Like abseiling off a 50ft dam, making a 100m long rope bridge, scaling a mountain or crossing a frozen swamp.


Going outdoors

We promote getting out and about wherever possible to do amazing things. Often this results in getting muddy but it is almost guaranteed to be an exciting adventure.


Learning new skills

Scouts get to learn lots of exciting things. This can be spending nights away surviving off minimal materials and sleeping under the stars. Or maybe learning how to safely cut down a tree. Many have taken skills learned with us and turned them into a career.


Wild adventures

We travel far and wide to make sure that they are always discovering something new, taking in awe-inspiring views or simply to find the best hill to roll down!


Making new friends

The friendships and memories our Scouts make often last a lifetime.


Being successful

Our Scouts have a great track record of achievement. Many go on to complete the Chief Scout’s Gold Award. We are often successful in District/County competitions.


Personal challenges

We promote the Scouts to push their comfort zones. Try something new or go further, higher or longer than they did before. This could be an adventurous activity, cooking their own octopus or perhaps a 24hr expedition.


Becoming independent

Much of what they do has a high-level of independence and their own decision-making. We therefore tailor our programme to their wants and needs. We have received feedback from employers that our Scouts have performed better than other candidates due to their social confidence, leadership and problem-solving skills.


Most importantly, we have fun!

Wherever we go and whatever we do, we try to make everything fun. Scouts rarely do anything that doesn’t involve stomach-aching giggles!

About Gorsemoor Scouts

Who are theY?

They are girls and boys aged 10½ to 14 years old from Ferndown, Parley, Heatherlands, Longham and surrounding areas.

When do they meet?

They meet on Fridays (7:30 to 9:30pm).

What are Scouts?

The Scouts section is where it all began, with Baden-Powell’s first experimental camp in Dorset. Both boys and girls can join around their 11th birthday.  They ‘move-up’ to the Explorer Scout section around their 14th birthday.

How much does it cost?

Leaders give their time voluntarily.  The only mandatory payment is a termly subscription fee to cover things like equipment and insurance.  This is generally lower than the price of many other clubs or groups.  Some of the optional adventurous activities can incur additional cost.

Want to join?

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