Beavers meet Monkeys

The Beavers enjoy climbing but regrettably, the leaders are not very good teachers of this skill so decided to take them to Monkey World for expert demonstrations instead!

During their visit, they got chance to learn about the conservation of endangered species, the centre’s breeding programme and their work to help with those primates being abused around the world. This included a presentation which told the history of some of those rescued that the Beavers were able to see during their tour.

Exploring the monkey enclosures

The Beavers particularly enjoyed seeing a Golden Gibbon up very close and admired its acrobatic antics and being able to get similarly close to Lemurs.

Seeing a lemur close up

The visit was inspirational to many, motivating some to learn more about the subjects raised. Fortunately, at the end of the visit, all the Beavers were accounted for and we didn’t bring any extras back!

Some of the Beavers taking a break on the tour

Many thanks to Monkey World for hosting us and delivering such a great learning experience.