Cubs perfect their archery skills

Cubs & Scouts ‘Adventurous Activity Day’

An aspect of Scouting that applies to all sections (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and beyond) is to try new things and push yourself. Longham Cubs and Scouts did exactly this with some adventurous activities.

This event was particularly useful for the Cubs who were working towards their Adventure Challenge, which is needed for their Chief Scout’s Silver Award. They spent half their time learning Fencing (not the type associated with the Gardening & DIY badges!) and Archery. Fencing came very naturally to some. One of the girls was even described as “deadly”! Many of them had previously tried Archery as Beavers, but this time the targets were further away making it more challenging.

After they had completed their activities, they were still full of energy and excitement, so they used the rest of their time to go wild in the adventure playground until they were dragged away by their parents.

The Scouts took part in air rifle shooting and team challenges. The purpose of these was to help prepare them for some future competitions and develop their team skills to help towards their Teamwork Challenge badge.