My ROAR Adventure!

By Jake

Before we even got to the campsite, my first experience of a ride was in the car dodging the potholes on the track to the car park! On arrival, I was confronted with a huge impressive activity tower and I couldn’t wait to get started!

It was around 10am on Saturday and we were ready to do whatever was thrown at us until 4pm on Monday. Although on arrival it was a bit of a walk, we were one of the closest camped to the activities. But before we could do any of that we had to put up our tents, so we had somewhere to sleep each night. Once we were done, we had to wait until 1pm to go to our first area.

Relaxing after working hard to set up camp

We walked down to Zone 1 where we all raced down to the water activities to avoid any queues! There were long boats, rafts and paddle boarding. After having lots of fun on the water, we enjoyed backwoods-cooking hotdogs over a campfire. Some also made popcorn.

Racing each other on the lake in bell boats
Working as a team on the water
Cooking for ourselves over a fire
The gloating winner!
Playing giant jenga with friends

In our spare time, there were lots of smaller activities, like catch the rat, water rockets & throwing sponges at whoever was in the stocks and challenges to win lollypops.

For dinner we cooked hot dogs in baguettes. After this our group had around 2 hours to ‘kill’ so we played our own manhunt and murder mystery games in the woods together.

Agreeing the rules for our game in the woods

In the evening, we took a stroll to the disco where we also found many different air-filled activities and most people’s favourite, laser quest! At the disco they gave out popcorn and candy floss and the DJ played some epic tunes! This went on till late but you could go back to the tents to bed or just relax and play cards whenever you liked.

After a cosy sleep despite the freezing night-time temperature, we broke the ice in the washing up bowl, had our breakfast and got ready for another fun-filled day.

We were all wanting to do as much as possible, so we went straight to the huge activity tower and got in the queue before the other Scout groups arrived! A highlight was a zip wire which ran all the way across the field. There was also crate stacking, rock climbing and abseiling at the tower.
In the same area, for those that wanted to keep their feet on the ground, we could also do tunnelling, changing car wheels, human table football and not forgetting tug of war. This was the most action-packed zone yet and we had all worked up a big appetite for lunch!

Training to become spiderman
Trying to get a new record in crate staking
Speeding back to earth on the zipline

In Zone 3 there was a choice of activities. For those with lots of energy were 6 bouncy castles, a bungee run plus an inflatable maze! There was also lots of circus equipment like diablos and juggling equipment to practice our skills. Then in a tent was arts and crafts where you could make whatever you like.

Being the final night, this was the night for partying! The disco was bigger and louder than before, and it included the macarena, superman song and baby shark! Then while we were dancing under the moonlight; the Camp leaders were throwing sweets and inflatable balls and glow-sticks and more! This was a night to remember!

Going out for the night as our Italian alter-egos!
Meeting up with old friends

For our final zone we did archery, shooting with air rifles and go-karts. These were all so much fun. Plus, we got some practice for the District shooting competition in January next year!

Preparing to save Maid Marianne!
If only we could get more speed…

After finishing lunch, we had to pack all our gear and then we took the tents down as a team. Once this was done, we pulled a trolley containing the camp equipment back to the car park. After this we got a large trailer to put all our personal stuff in then raced it back to the car park, where our parents were waiting for us. Everyone was sad to go as we all enjoyed it so much and can’t wait to do something like this again soon.
Then the weekend was over, and school was the following day! ☹

Even packing up can be fun!