Scouts Return!

After several months of a hiatus from Covid-19 shutdown, Longham Scouts were excited to get back together doing some of the things they enjoy most.

Although we had been limited to only doing things virtually, many Scouts had managed to earn plenty of badges and take up new hobbies such as baking, astronomy, gardening & DIY. Some excelled in these by winning a cooking competition, being recognised for local charity work and raising the profile of carers.

For some, now was the first opportunity they had to meet up with some of their friends since the Spring term.

As it is easier under the restrictions to meet outdoors, it gave a good excuse for Scouts to get wet and mucky (always a favourite)! At the same time, they practised some skills such as navigation, use of outdoor tools and bicycle maintenance.

We are thankful for all the parent help with delivering these meetings. We also recognise that many parents are demonstrating ‘Being Prepared’ with towels & plastic bags in their cars and busy washing machines at home!

We are going to make the most of this opportunity to have as much fun and adventure as possible.

Cubs are busy preparing for their first meeting and Beavers will follow.